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While contemplating an Albert Einstein quote, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds,” Jason Hughes was struck with this unique and powerful concept, Manstein. He thought about Einstein being a unique genius, and the one he came here to be in his lifetime. Jason knew that we all equally possess an “inner genius” that gives us constant direction and guidance towards expressing ourselves as physical geniuses in our individual and collective lives. Manstein was a new, exciting, unique, and truly powerful concept that would wake up the world of spirituality, so we could live happier and more productive lives.


About Jason Hughes

Jason Hughes is originally from Old Saybrook, Connecticut.  Jason was whole-heartedly supported by his family to pursue his first passion in life, tennis.  His high rankings in tournament tennis throughout New England set the stage for unlimited achievement in the sport he loved so much.  Unfortunately, at the age of 16 Jason was involved in an automobile accident that claimed the life of his best friend, and he sustained Traumatic Brain Injury, was in a coma, paralyzed, and had a twenty-five percent chance of survival.



The time has come in our human evolution to light up the world of spirituality. That is the intent of this book and why Manstein the Inner Genius has arrived at this precise moment in time. This is an effort to spark something positive and loving to which people from every walk of life can relate in profound ways. Every one of us has limitless potential to gain a very real and loving tool with which to better understand our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical condition. I call this new tool “Manstein.” It is the inner genius within us all.


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